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The most recent thinking around career counselling and career oriented psychometric tests is veering towards passion and temperament over and above aptitude. Educationists and students alike now realize that aptitude and abilities will help students with their performance but will not be sufficient to predict satisfaction and hence sustainability. While abilities and skills can be learned, temperament and passion or intrinsic motivation is unique to a person and acts as a greater influence in life. It thus becomes imperative to take all three aspects into account when making career decisions.

The intersecting circles here represent aptitude, temperament and passion, and the ideal career choice we believe is the ‘sweet spot’ where these intersecting circles meet

Here is a model that Cleveratti Skills uses which is the essence of our diagnostic process and the basis of all our career related recommendations.

At Cleveratti Skills, we employ Standardised Psychometric Tests to get insights into the students’ mind and that informs our career related counselling.

Most Career counselling models take into account only one aspect to suggest career options while other aspects may be touched upon in passing . However, at Cleveratti Skills aspects of the temperament and passion are kept in greater focus given the individualism and self-awareness that define the youth today. Aptitude will always remain important, however we believe that , with theright guidance and training many skills can be improved upon to bring to a level where it becomes an asset.

‘Find your quadrant’ Model employed at Glocal Thinkers

The 4th quadrant is the most desirable bracket for a career choice. This quadrant indicates thecareer choices which the candidate is most passionate about and also has a suitable temperament for.
Also tells us in which quadrant the student currently is with his current choices.
A holistic Career counselling approach looks at the situation , options and the person as a whole entity to show the right direction.

Our Holistic Approach

  • Step 1 : Understanding Aptitude and considering related fields for career choices.
  • Step 2 : Recognizing incumbents’ passion or Interests and identifying the suitable career clusters
  • Step 3 : Understanding the incumbent’s temperamental predispositions and identifying the work environment and nature of work most suited.
  • Step 4 : Suggesting top career choices that would be a good fit, from the career clusters and occupations that emerge, where all three aspects meet.

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