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Cleveratti Skills Dynamic and Clever Assessments Platform.

About the Platform

Cleveratti Skills Assessment platform has been designed with skills segment in mind. It is a technology enabled dynamic platform that takes care of the entire value chain of assessments in the skills segment, starting from candidate registrations, assessments, result generation to capturing audit trails of assessments.

In Addition to the technology, Cleveratti Skills also has over 4000 assessors on its platform from 37 plus sectors. We also have Subject Matter Experts and inhouse experts for question bank and content preparation.

We have a network of offices across the country catering to the remotest corners of the country. We also provide assessment centres, which contain robust infrastructure and bandwidth for conducting exams for a large number of candidates simultaneously from across the country. We also have the ability to conduct exams on tabs for a large number of candidates by providing tabs for examination along with our proctors locally.

AI driven Auto Proctored ‘Remote Online Assessments'

  • Facial recognition
  • Object detection
  • Multiple person detection
  • Lock-down screen
  • Auto proctoring
  • Live proctoring

Dynamic Rubrics Engine
for creating question papers

  • Works in multiple languages
  • Captures question with varying difficulty level
  • Has marking graduality NOS wise and PC wise
  • Multiple question sets in the same exam
  • Question categorized as theory / practical(viva, role play etc.)

Fully customizable BI
Business intelligence Dashboards

  • Compare performances
  • Track results
  • Monitor Assessments Live
  • Check status current, upcoming and completed batches
  • Monitor Audit Trails

Assessment Reports
for Every Candidate

  • Captures candidate images, spy images, geo-tagging and time stamping
  • Available NOS Wise
  • Correct Options Vs. Options Selected
  • Credibility Index for auto proctored and remote proctored exams
  • Fully Customizable

Audit and Compliance
tools for authorities

  • Conduct desktop audit for assessed batches
  • Surprise Audits for Assessments and Training
  • Affiliation Audit for Training Partners
  • In-platform audit objection clearance process between the Auditor and the Officer in-charge

Conduct Assessments
in Multiple Languages

  • Assessment platform caters to 15 major Indian Languages
  • All questions on our platform also have audio options
  • Questions can also appear in bilingual form with the option to switch between languages for each question

Allow Assessments
in Multiple Modes

  • Online/Offline
  • Mobile Apps – does not need concurrent internet connectivity
  • Desktop Apps - does not need concurrent internet connectivity
  • OMR sheets
  • Pen & Paper

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