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Human Resource Suitability test

  1. Career in Human Resource: The survey is designed to help an individual make a crucial decision - “if one should pursue an entrepreneurial career or not”. Entrepreneurial career can be full of challenges, but may also bring in higher rewards. This test results will not only recommend your suitability for entrepreneurship, but also point your strengths, and areas of improvements. Consciously working on some of these areas of improvement could actually help you get better at your entrepreneurial pursuit.

    1. Background of Human Resource: The field of Human Resources (HR) has evolved significantly over time, adapting to changes in the workplace, societal expectations, and the legal landscape.

      Today, HR professionals play a crucial role in shaping organizational culture, managing talent, ensuring compliance with employment laws, and contributing to the strategic goals of the business. The field continues to evolve in response to changes in the workforce, technology, and the broader business environment.

    2. Role of Human Resource: The role of Human Resources (HR) within an organization is multifaceted, encompassing various functions that contribute to the effective management of personnel and the overall success of the business. The key roles of HR include:

      1. Recruitment and Staffing
      2. Training and Development
      3. Performance Management
      4. Employee Relations
      5. Compensation and Benefits
      6. Workforce Planning and Talent Management
      7. HR Information Systems (HRIS)
      8. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
      9. Employee Exit Management
      10. Strategic HR Planning
  2. Career Path in Human Resource: A career path in Human Resources (HR) typically involves progressing through various roles and levels of responsibility as you gain experience and expertise. Here's a general guide to the potential career path in HR:

    1. Marketing Coordinator/Assistant
    2. Entry-Level Positions
    3. Specialized Roles
    4. Generalist Roles
    5. Specialist Roles
    6. Mid-Level Positions
    7. Leadership Roles
    8. Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
    9. Consulting or Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  3. Some Famous Human Resource Professionals: While HR professionals may not always be as widely recognized as some figures in other fields, there are individuals who have made significant contributions to the Human Resources industry. Here are a few notable HR professionals:

    1. Dave Ulrich
    2. Liz Ryan
    3. Josh Bersin
    4. Patty McCord
    5. Renee Mauborgne
    6. Laszlo Bock

If career in Human Resource excites you, you can take our Human Resource Suitability test to know if you have it in you to succeed in Human Resource.

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